Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep well over the last few days. I forced my self to sleep when I got home (most of the time in the late midnight) but I just can’t. So I ended up working on my stuff again and again which might, in turn, making up things worse. These days I slept only as few as 3 hours.

I guess this sort of sleep deprivation stems from my constant hassles recently. I felt like I was chasing up with the time pressure, with a bunch of things to be done – from personal goals and the need to deal with the loads of my coursework – but at the same time I was afraid failing to meet my own standard. Yes, I set myself a pretty high standard with respect to my grad training, and failing to meet this can be a source of stressful for me. I could castigate myself whenever I thought I was lagged on something. This may explain why I kept feeling strain instead of relax when I was supposed to sleep.

I am a bit worry with this as I read somewhere that having a lack of sleep can be detrimental for one’s memory and cognitive ability; it can reduce our motoric responsiveness too by as much as 32%. The thing is just getting worse when I weight on my routines: I barely do some exercise nor having a regular meal – I had my ‘breakfast’ at noon and closed to the dawn for ‘dinner’. I am afraid at one point in time my body will retort badly, or a kind of displaying signs of physical paralysis in such a young age.

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