Working Paper

I just posted my working paper to SSRN. This paper has been presented once in research colloquium at OU. Though I halfheartedly felt actually if a kind of research network like SSRN can be beneficial for a stuff I am working on, I’ll be happy to hear any comments. I wrote this paper for an independent study last Fall. Here is the abstract


This paper explores the bases of people’s democratic preference in mainly nondemocratic countries of Southeast Asia. It does so by, first, classifying seven Southeast Asian countries according to their governmental systems. Drawing from the works of democratic theorists and leading democracy indices, the paper explores four different forms of government in the region, namely, democracy, competitive authoritarian, the drawback or unstable democracy, and the communist system. Second, given their different forms of government, the paper then proceeds to seek possible explanations on people’s democratic support. Using the dataset from Asian Barometer Survey Wave 3 (2010-2012), there are four hypotheses to be tested, which are, economic explanations, social capital, modernization theory, and the degree of ethno-linguistic and religious fractionalization. Employing multinomial logit regression, the findings suggest that while democratic support is evident in seven countries across the board (and the support tends to be higher in nondemocratic rather than in democratic countries themselves), the democratic support in nondemocracies has largely been restrained by (1) their conditional economic factors, (2) the low level of trust among people in general, and (3) the ambivalent stances of the middle class to align with democratic principles

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