Counting My Days

If everything goes well, I’ll be graduating on April 29. A set of graduation requirements have been met. I did my comps last week and submitted my capstone paper pretty early. I just need to work on three term papers (one paper down) for which I supposed to finish in the coming week.

Other than that, I cannot help but feeling some pre-graduation blues. At times, knowing soon you can no longer here to stay in a place you love make you a bit more reflective; you start to value people more or start thinking about what you should’ve or haven’t done. Grad school is more than just readings, papers, and library. There are knowledge and wisdoms to be discovered out of classroom. Yes I know it’s bit melancholic and I despise this. But I think anyone who happened to be in my position may feel the same. As your time is approaching, you start thinking retrospectively about your ways.